“What are the best compost bins that will help create enough renewable resources for my garden?” Usually, you will hear that question from intermediate gardeners. Maybe you are just starting out and wondering what a composting bin or composting system even is. Today I will go into a bit more detail about these devices and introduce to you 4 composting products that I feel are the best compost bins and tools to utilize currently.

Introducing The Composter System

Composting is made up of waste that would normally just get thrown away but instead can be decomposed into rich black soil that will feed your garden all season long. Items such as grass clippings, cardboard, vegetable peels and fruit cores — what was once trash is now treasure to be added to the compost bin where it can break down in just the right conditions for making nutrient rich compost.

For more information about what you can and cannot put into your compost bin check out “Convert Food Waste Into Organic Fertilizer 101” and “Everything You Need To Know About Using Compost Bins.”

What Are the Best Composter Systems And What Makes Them Great

Composters, compost bins, and compost systems are the simplest way to make organic compost from leftover produce and garden waste that you would ordinarily throw away.  These composter systems don’t take up much room, keep out pests and are aesthetically pleasing in your yard. You won’t find a quicker system for decomposing organic matter, thanks to their built-in system of proper aeration and moisture retention.

A compost bin takes the science out of figuring out the proper combination of air and moisture, allowing you to easily create the ideal conditions to synthesize those organic materials into compost. The heat of the sun helps a compost bin to do it’s work quickly so in some climates you can have a year-round supply of compost.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or master gardener, you will find this tool invaluable to your gardening. You won’t need to buy compost regularly to improve the nutrient content of your soil.

Take a look below at the composting products we have, because these 4 are the best compost tools to utilize today.

4 Best Composting Products to Use Below


1. Soil Machine PRO – Park Seed Outdoor Composter System

best compost bins

This ingenious new design is an excellent way to create soil and compost tea and then easily deliver them to your plants. This is an outdoor composter system and one that takes full advantage of the natural elements around it.

The dark plastic absorbs the sun’s heat, allowing your kitchen scraps, yard waste and other organic matter to quickly break down into fresh compost (humus), while all of the liquid draining off of the compost flows into the hollow base to be stored until you pour it on your plants’ roots — a compost tea that delivers a high dose of all the nurtrients your plants love most!

Composting doesn’t get any easier than this: just place this great EnviroTumbler on its base and throw in some compost, and you are cooking! The 12-inch lid is easy to open and close and provides a secure seal keeping any neighborhood pests at bay.

Turn the tumbler once a week with the ergonomic handles, and your compost will swiftly break down into wonderfully-rich soil.


2. Compost Wizard Jr – Park Seed Outdoor Composter System

outdoor compost systems

We love this smaller sized compost bin for homes with a more compact garden space. Durable wheels built right on the stand make the composter easy to turn, but the low-profile construction makes the stand very difficult for wind or curious critters to knock over.

When the compost is ready to put on your plants, the tumbler simply lifts off of the stand, and it can be easily rolled around the yard to where you wish to deliver the compost.

Holes in the side of the tumbler allow in the proper amount of air to keep the aerobic bacteria in the compost happily working.

This product is made in the USA out of durable, 100% recycled polyethylene plastic. The dark plastic is resistant to weather and fading and carries a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty. And because all the plastic edges are rounded and contain no moving parts, this product great and pet and child safe! One of the best compost bins on the market and one of my favorites.


3. Stainless Steel Kitchen Composter- Park Seed Indoor Compost Bins

great kitchen bin

It can be a pain to separate organic material from the rest of your trash and drag it out to your compost bin or pile. The other option is to keep an unseemly bin on the counter full of peels and soggy vegetable and fruit pieces sitting out for your friends and company to see.

Our favorite solution to the ugly green waste basket is to store all your food scraps in this chic stainless steel pail, and the composting process will get started indoors and keep your kitchen looking classy.

When your bin gets full, simply grab the sturdy handle, take the convenient 3-quart pail outside and put it on your larger compost pile (or start one!)


4. Bamboo Kitchen Composter – Park Seed Indoor Compost Bins

great bamboo bin

This is our second style of indoor compost bucket and would look great in a farmhouse style kitchen with it’s bamboo exterior. The inner chamber of the bin makes a great digestion chamber where leftover organic material from your kitchen can be recycled out of sight until the bucket is full

The smooth plastic inner liner and the charcoal filters in the lid trap and eliminate odors while also letting in enough air to keep the aerobic bacteria working. The odor elimination makes this one of the best products on the market for a kitchen composter.

The plastic liner is easy to clean, and the charcoal filters are easily replaceable.

If your looking to make gardening easier and more rewarding these composting products are something you should invest in. You’ll save time and money in the long run, especially as your garden puts out more produce than ever before thanks to the nutrient rich compost you are creating.

Make use of the trash you build up, and utilize any of the best compost bins to create an endless supply of compost for yourself and your family today!


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