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Summer is fast approaching and the amount of different vegetables to grow during this season start to dwindle. It’s no longer a simple choice on what to grow, the dog days of summer will hit and hit hard.

Spring and fall provide so many choices to choose from for your vegetable garden. But summer maybe a bit tricky. There are few hot weather vegetables to keep you harvesting and provide great yields for you all season long.

Keep in mind that all vegetables have temperature ranges that they grow best in. In simple terms if you want to make the most of this season then you will want to pick the plants that grow best in this season.

Simple And Easy Vegetables For Your Garden

Learn more about what to plant in what month here.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are perfect for this season, they require warm, frost weather to mature. Sweet potatoes bought from a garden center or seed catalog can be harvested in about 100 days or even less. At least the ones i talk about are.

Some of the products we have such as the Beauregard sweet potato. Thanks to its very large yields, this variety developed by Louisiana State University is quickly becoming the gardener’s favorite!

simple sweet vegetable

Another simple and easy sweet potato ideal for this season is the centennial sweet potato. This widely-grown variety is the favorite for producing long, smooth potatoes superb for cooking. The flesh is bright orange, tender, and savory. Plants are very heavy-yielding.

simple grow summer

Last but not least the Georgia Jet sweet potato. This sweet potato is great for the northern where the growing season is shorter. Georgia Jets matures quickly and delivers big yields.

The potatoes are often huge, with dark red skin protecting the moist, very succulent bright orange flesh.

simple easy gardening

You want to wait for that ground to be good and warm to grow these delicious veggies. One awesome thing about sweet potatoes is that the vines it spreads kills weed naturally. So If i were you i would put this at the top of my list.

2. Summer Squash

Squash are simple but very easily grown vegetables during this season. They tend to be be everywhere in the summer, it’s one of the first plants people reach for when they want to plant a summer garden.

A great summer squash that i recommend reaching for is Early Summer Crookneck Organic Squash. One of the most delectable Summer Squashes, this creamy crookneck is mild, sweet, and full of flavor. The star of any setting, it’s just the centerpiece you need for your organic vegetable garden!

summer growing garden

Another simple recommendation would be the enterprise hybrid squash. A growers’ favorite in the south, these vigorous bushes bear high-quality fruit across multiple harvests. A great choice for any region of the country!


3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are another simple but very, very easy plant to grow during the summer. They need to be planted in late May which is a perfect time as of the making of this article.

A good tomato to plant to produce higher yields is Park’s Whopper Cr Improve Hybrid Tomato. Park’s Whopper has been a taste test favorite for many years, and you will love the rich, succulent bite.

Tomato plants are usually ready to harvest between august and october, so it’s ideal to start this now. The plants will also produce a lot of tomatoes so try not to plant more than just a couple seeds at a time. In simple terms unless you want your kitchen full of tomatoes use a small conservative amount.

4. Melons

While this may not be a veggie , veggies aren’t the only thing you can grow during the summer. Melons such a cantaloupe, honeydew or even watermelon are great summer time treats. Here is a list of three you should consider.

Triple Crown Hybrid Watermelon Seeds – Park Seed


One of our best-tasting red seedless varieties is also one of the highest-yielding we’ve ever grown! This is the Triple Crown prize: delicious seedless melons and plenty of ’em.

Lilliput Hybrid Cantaloupe Seeds – Park Seed

No more wasted cantaloupe slices with Lilliput! This personal-sized melon is just right for one person to devour at a single sitting. And because it grows quickly, finishes fast, and smells as good as it tastes, you will most likely gobble up the entire generous harvest in no time, and put Lilliput at the top of your list for next year’s veggie garden!

Snow Mass Honeydew Melon Seeds – Park Seed

No matter how hot your summers get or how long they remain, Snow Mass can take it! Specially adapted to grow in hot, long-summer climates, this mid-sized Honeydew also boasts some of the sweetest flavor to be found in the family. An all-around superb performer, it belongs in your vegetable patch this season!

5. Beets

Beets are able to be grown in your garden or can be a grown in a simple container indoors. The seed gets its best harvest between march and July, based on when the seed was originally planted.

Beets are simple and easy to grow and like many other summer plants, need very little maintenance.

Chioggia Guardsmark Beet Seeds – Park Seed

A very promising beet that will grow extremely well for this month is the Chioggia beet.

Chioggia is a simple heirloom beet from Italy, renowned for its unusual bullseye stripes of red and white as well as for its sweet, peppery flavor. Guardsmark builds on that heritage by adding modern vigor, higher yields, and larger fruit size. And somehow along the way, those dark red rings have turned a neon shade of magenta!


Simple Conclusion

While there are several other fruits and veggies that grow extremely well in the summer season. I just wanted to highlight a few of them so that you can get a head start now and prepare for those hot summer days.

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