How We Deliver The Best To You

We give the tools and power back to the consumer in order for them to grow and consume their own food. Their is a sense of pride knowing where your food comes from, and knowing that you grew this for yourself , family, and community. 

How We Started

 I started this business in 2019, with the goal in mind to continue a growing movement of people who want to grow their own food. The satisfaction and pride of being a home grown farmer, is an unbelievable feeling that i believe everyone at some point needs to feel. 

I started farming relatively later in life, and i regret not starting sooner. But i believe making time for yourself too learn these skills is important for your own growth. It was important for me when I did start farming, because i wanted to go back to nature, i want to have full control of my health and what i’m putting in my body. 

I’m hoping what I’ve built here will inspire a call to action for you, as it did me.