Top 10 Rot-Free & Cedar Raised Garden Beds

If you’re looking to maximize both your garden space and the growth of your home grown food, you’re probably going to want to invest in cedar raised garden beds including the elevated bed option. They’re efficient, affordable, easy to maintain and both showcase vegetables as well as maintaining the open space of your garden. And the right soil makes all the difference in the world.

Cedar has become the top choice of wood to use for raised garden beds with good reason. It’s durable. It’s resistant to rot and mold. It can last up to 20 years. And above all, it’s as beautiful to smell as it is to look at.

But there’s not a one-size-fits-all option when it comes to cedar raised garden beds. The right choice for you depends on your garden size as well as your own personal preferences. And since we’re in the first stirrings of spring, here’s our guide to the 10 best cedar raised garden beds along with a few other winners with rot-free material to help you make the right selection for your gardening goals.

 1. Versailles Raised Garden Bed from New England Arbors

One of the things we love about the Versailles Raised Garden Bed is that it manages to give an elegant and stately look to your garden without being too ornate. It’s a simple but refined design— but more importantly it’s maintenance free. And since it’s constructed of weather resistant vinyl, it comes with an industry-first twenty year warranty against yellowing, warping, cracking, and rotting.

2. Raised Garden Bed Kit from Infinite Cedar
(Rated Most Simple To Use Among Cedar Raised Garden Beds)

We always like to recommend this as an ideal garden bed for newcomers to gardening. Even though assembly is easy and can be performed in less than 20 minutes (even without tools!), it’s surprisingly sturdy. That’s because it’s also made from all natural cedar with no added chemical finish to worry about—which can make a huge difference if you plan on growing your own organic vegetables.

3. Vertical Gardening Solution from Gro Products
(Best Cedar Beds For Small Spaces, Decks & Apartments)

Vertical cedar raised garden beds are becoming all the rage these days. They’re designed for general efficiency as much as general aesthetics. And the Vertical Gardening Solution from Gro Products is one of the more attractive and durable offerings we’ve seen. With removable and adjustable boxes and heavy duty plastic liners, you can change the entire design of your garden in less than a minute. It also comes in two options: caster for mobility as well as its own irrigation system!

4. Rustic Elevated Garden Bed from Gronomics
(Rated Most Versatile Among Top Cedar Raised Garden Beds)

If you’re looking to give your home garden a country look, the Rustic Elevated Garden Bed is a perfect solution. Made from 100 percent Western Red Cedar, it may look rough hewn but it has nothing less than a classic appeal that’s equally at home on a patio as it is in your garden. And for those of you with back issues, the unique 32” height helps alleviate any unnecessary strain when bending over.

5. Cedar Box Garden Wedge
(Rated Most Unique Among Cedar Raised Garden Beds)

Limited for space? Or maybe you just need a smaller addition to your home garden? Then the VEG-Wedge is for you. Made from unfinished cedar, its unique wedge design is deep enough to hold even the hardiest vegetables and plants, while its elevated cross-bar legs are designed to maximize whatever space you have simply and efficiently.

6. Elevated Cedar Garden Bed Combo
(Reviewed To Be Best for Decks & Larger Garden Spaces)

If you’re looking to get the most for your money, the Elevated Garden Bed Combo from Gro Products is a three piece combination set made from unfinished Finger-Jointed Western Red Cedar that’s much simpler to assemble than it looks. Consisting of two raised garden beds and one planter this is a fun but elegant way to garden if you’re hoping to grow simply but abundantly.

7. Rot-Free Urbanscape Tomato Planter

Don’t let the name fool you. The Urbanscape Tomato Planter is for more than just tomatoes. Consisting of a unique yet space saving two-tier design, the bottom planter can yield the highest crop of herbs, tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers while the top shelf elevated bed is designed for maximum air circulation. As an added bonus, there’s even an additional storage shelf for all your gardening tool needs.

8. Elevated Cedar Raised Garden Beds

What makes the Plantables™ line of raised garden beds from Gro Products both intelligent and fun are the innovative removable liners, which allow you to plant as much or as little as you want. More importantly, there’s less threat of disease and pests with multiple cedar garden beds , allowing you a stress free gardening experience. This is one of the original models and one of the reasons we single it out as one of the best raised garden beds is the height. It requires virtually no bending over to attend to and can hold up to a foot of chips per container.

9. Urbana Keyhole Composting Garden
(Rated Most Aesthetically Pleasing Rot-Free Garden Bed) 

Composting may be becoming standard among many American households, but the Urbana Keyhole composting garden isn’t solely for composting. It’s unique design inspired by African keyhole gardening lets you grow vegetables and compost household waste at the same time! It literally lets you recycle in your own box and requires virtually no watering and no turning of soil.

10. Chelsea Raised Garden Bed from New England Arbors

We love the Chelsea raised garden bed because it blends into virtually any surrounding, be it in a garden in your front yard or even on a patio deck. But what’s great is that its design allows it to fit into virtually any space automatically, allowing for a finished, manicured look every time. If you’re looking to minimize your time, the Chelsea requires virtually no tilling, weeding or maintaining. Just sit back and watch your garden bloom to life!


Need more tips on how to get the most out of your cedar raised garden beds? You don’t have to dig very far. Just visit us at Homegrown Foods for more great gardening tips and ideas! 

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