Comprehensive Guide on Vertical Gardening And It’s 4 Benefits

A Comprehensive First Look

Are you a gardener who has limited space and not a lot of room to work with? Or are you just curious about new forms of gardening. Vertical gardening is an exciting hobby with many benefits, and is relatively straight-forward. I count myself as one of the many who is curious about this trendy form of gardening. So I did my research and even spoken to different gardeners and suppliers who have talked to me about the benefits of this way of gardening, and I’d like to share a comprehensive look into this form of gardening.


I know the main question for many people is “why should I invest in vertical gardening” and I know many people prefer the standard method of gardening. But here me out, vertical gardens may not be the standard, but it does provide a whole different type of experience that many people aren’t used too. I’m here to reveal the pros outweigh the cons for a vertical garden bed. I’m here to provide a detailed look into this and hopefully provide clarity on these tools.


Detailed Essential Look at Vertical Garden Beds


The central idea of Vertical gardening is being able to grow plants within a small or even constricted space! These type of garden beds are perfect for smaller spaces, and not everyone has big spaces to grow in.

The gardens are perfect for smaller homes like town houses, apartments, but what makes them great is that you can build and grow your gardens inside your home. Most of these tools are customizable and you can arrange them in anyway, within your home, without it being a deterrent.


Another thing I like about Vertical gardening is that it doesn’t put a lot of punishment on your body. I know for older individuals crouching and bending over is not ideal, but this is necessary for traditional or standard gardening. But with Vertical gardening this is something older people can avoid, and I mean older people who do suffer from back issues, knee pain, and deal with challenges of heavy lifting.


Vertical Gardening eliminates all of those things for you. It eliminates those things because you can bring the plants that your growing and put them at your level. A vertical garden has different height or levels that you can place your plants or whatever you may be growing. This eliminates majority of the issues that you would face with a traditional garden.


You also have an easier time of moving your plants from one place to another. With a traditional garden plants are rooted in the ground, with a vertical garden all you have to do is move the case. I don’t mind the time consuming task of gardening traditionally, but I can understand how people could be annoyed by it. I’m moving from my backyard to the stairs while holding a basket of plants and getting it all to the kitchen and then going back down, and doing it over again.


Its monotonous and I can understand how annoying it can get. With vertical gardening I can have it in my kitchen or near the balcony so it can get sunlight and just take a case of the plants growing there and move it to the kitchen I’m just 5 feet away from it.


There is something great about just being able to move your plants seamlessly without any cause or strain, or arduous task preventing you from getting from point A to point B. Especially if you have to deal with another factor, weather. Weather brings with it so many other problems like the cold, rainy weather or worst, storms that can do a lot of damage to plants. Vertical gardening you can avoid this problem as well; you can garden at any time.


If you put it in a secure area in your home, you avoid severe storms that will slow down or damage your yield something that a traditional garden has to contend with around the clock.

Although a traditional garden is helped by the elements, that rainwater which could be a deterrent usually aids the development of outdoor gardens. With indoor gardening there is a concern for increase maintenance that you have to pay attention too. But too avoid that, most vertical gardening tools can have an Irrigation system in place, so that your plants get the optimal amount of water it needs without you having to lift a finger.

It can be expensive but I do believe that it’s an investment that is worth it.

4 Best Vertical Garden bed For Your Home Use


I hope the thrilling findings I’ve went over, has generated enough curiosity to get you thinking about vertical garden beds here is a few that we have in stock. Quick note every product below is made in the USA.

1.Vertical Gardening Solutions-2248 – Gro Products 

comprehensive vertical garden


This product is proudly made in the USA, and is a freestanding vertical garden. It’s quick and easy to assemble only taking a few minutes to put together. Its base material is unfinished cedar, a naturally rot and insect resistance material. This kit includes 4 wooden planter boxes, 2 rectangular and 2 square. All boxes can be adjusted on vertical garden solution and are removable, they also accommodate different plant heights.

It also includes plastic liners that can provide as a barrier between the soil and cedar and you conveniently plant them on your potting table as well. This product also can include casters so that you can roll your vertical garden around and you can also add an irrigation system to it as well.


2. Color Gro Systems Vertical Gardening -2048

detailed indoor gardening


The GRO Products Color GRO Vertical System (CGS) may have a small footprint, yet it will change the way you garden in a big way. The Color GRO series is the perfect way to add color and personality to your gardening space. The new planter box style combines the warmth of western red cedar with a wide array of colors. Same goes with this product where you can an irrigation system or casters in place for easier mobility.




3. LIL GRO LG-CGS-2024

reveal indoor garden


The Lil’ GRO Vertical Garden is a great way to introduce children to the world of gardening. minimize your garden space, indoors and outdoors.Like children, the Lil’ GRO CGS has a small footprint, yet it will change the way to garden in a big way! Helps you get your kids to garden, starting at a young age growing their own food.


4. Vertical Gardening System – 7258 Veg-Wall

essential garden wall


Why not go big , quick and easy to assemble, a vertical gardening system that maximizes your garden space, and this product happens to be the most versatile growing system on the market!



All 4 vertical gardening bed provide great value everyone, make your gardening experience easier!






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