Convert Food Waste Into Organic Fertilizer 101

All food waste will go directly to the trashcan or garbage disposal; A practice that is wasteful in the long run, because these products can be converted into something really useful for your garden: fertilizer.

Food waste is composed of organic matter which can be used for composting to make fertilizer. It is an eco friendly endeavor disposing food waste from your kitchen.

You really can use leftovers and other food waste. You can convert these smelly items from the kitchen waste into a highly organic product rich nutrient.

What Waste Can You Use to Convert Into Fertilizer

You can convert fruits, vegetables, dairy products, grains, bread, paper napkins, coffee filters, eggshells, meats and newspaper can all be composted or turned into fertilizer.

Just think about it like this if it can be eaten or grown in a field or garden, it can be composted. Now you can’t make compost out of plastics, grease, glass, metals it would be awesome too be able to do that but unfortunately you can not do that.

So to make your own organic fertilizer I would look for the listed foods that I layed out and  convert those food into fertilizer.

Don’t worry i’ll go over how to do that below, and even provide optional ways to convert food waste into fertilizer.

Look Through Your Kitchen For Waste to Convert

Your going to find remnants of food from the day before maybe you were peeling an onion the other night for dinner. You also may have had snacks maybe and orange and peeled it and just left it on the counter. Or your fruit is over ripened and is no longer edible.

You should put these products aside , sprinkle some wood ash to help boost the composting process. Look for enough food waste and then mix in some bulking agents like sawdust, and yard waste.

You can also buy sawdust from a gardening supply store if it’s not readily available at home. I would highly recommend the Dr.Earth Compost packet.

food waste compost


Look for products that break organic material down fast, another one i would recommend is Jobe’s Organics Compost , they have products that do a great job as well.

Or try a lesser known brand but gets the job done, and is also highly recommended Fishnure.

Get Garden Waste to Convert

Outside of buying compost you also will need to add some natural waste to it. Like collect grass clippings, leaves from your lawn. In fact that’s one of the best organic waste to use.

When you mow your lawn, all that waste was sucked in and mixed with other materials such as sticks, leaves, weeds etc and it’s all mixed together in the lawn mower bag. Ideally it’s perfect for being used to turn into fertilizer.

Obtain a Compost Bin

Not everyone has one but there very handy to have, and make this process much easier for you. You can build a compost bin yourself a DIY project. You would just need to find a bin laying around the house that your no longer using.

You would need to drill holes at the top maybe 8-10, for the aeration.

But just in case you don’t have a bin you can always buy them, bins such as the ones from Full Circle.which provides great air flow for your food waste, and is easy to clean.

Another composter to use would be one that requires minimal effort by the person and i think the best one on the market is Enivrocycle.

convert composter fertilizer



All you have to do with that tool is fill it up and in 4-6 weeks it will have compost made for you. You will have spin it 2-3 times a day but literally no effort needs to be done on your part.

Apply Your Newly Made Fertilizer

Once your compost has achieved a soil like mixture, it should look dark in color. But once it reaches that appearance , it’s ready to spread. Apply the right amount of your newly made fertilizer onto your garden and just wait too see some effect on those areas before you add more of your fertilizer.

It’s a great feeling knowing that you can use most of your trash or waste and use those organic materials to convert into something that can be useful for your gardening efforts.


Nothing is ever wasted it has a purpose.







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