5 Easy & Exciting Ways To Grow Food Using Elevated Planter Beds

Looking for an easier and exciting way to garden, elevated gardening maybe what you’re looking for. This technique , you can harvest and gain incredible yields with minimal effort growing fruits , veggies, and herbs with ease.

I know the traditional way of gardening is a difficult thing to let go of. I mean why try something new “If ain’t broke don’t fix it”!

But hopefully what I go over well at least make you think twice maybe you  even give this exciting new method a try and add on to your already thriving garden. Or maybe this method will get you started.

The Exciting World of Elevated Planters

Elevated planters is basically a hybrid gardening technique. It’s half container gardening and half raised bed gardening. Traditional raised beds lack a bottom because well your still using the dirt, you just have the walls of raised bed keeping everything that you want in place.

The difference here is containers have a base to contain the soil and are far smaller than a raised bed. I believe  raised bed gardening combines the best of both exciting worlds.

The fact that it’s contained means the area is substantially sized. You can raise the planting area up to the working height of the planter.

Benefits of Elevated Planters

There are many benefits but i’d like to start with the obvious one you don’t have to bend over or kneel to plant or pick up your crops.

No back aches or creaking knees. Avoiding the inflamed hip joints you avoid all the issues that you would otherwise possibly encounter while gardening the traditional way.

But another great thing about elevated planter bed is how useful it is for people who are handicapped.

exciting elevated planters bed for sale

Liberty Raised Garden 

There are many people who cannot walk and elevated garden bed make it so much easier for them to be able to engage in this exciting activity as well, wheelchair accessibility included.

exciting gardening with planters

The great thing about many of these planters is that most are at knee or waist height which is fantastic for individuals who have minimal mobility.

With elevated planters you avoid weeds, the scourge of gardeners everywhere! With it being elevated and the soil contained your garden can flourish and produce great yields.

You also avoid insects or at least the ground dwelling kind that will nibble on the roots of your plants. You will avoid the rabbits and groundhogs that may come around looking for a quick snack.

Another big benefit to this is avoiding soil borne fungal diseases. These are things that you will encounter with a traditional garden and have to contend with, as this effects your gardens health.

The Best & Exciting Elevated Planters On The Market!

1. Planters Elevated Bed-68 – Gro Products

exciting cedar planter

Constructed in the USA with naturally durable, rot and insect resistant, select tight knot and finger-jointed, unfinished Western Red Cedar.

Container gardening- easy to change soil, less disease problems, fewer pests and insects

2.Planters Elevated Bed-P612 – Gro Products

mini exciting container garden

Elevated Garden Beds are the new and smart way to garden. Great way to plant Herbs, Vegetables and Flowers!

No more worries about wet soil rotting out your wood planter and easy to store away for the winter!

3.Planters Elevated Bed-P48 – Gro Products

You will  enjoy gardening without the stress on your knees and back but also the versatility of the removable containers in each Plantable.

Many more products that are worth the price at the link here.

What Exciting Things to Grow in an Elevated Garden

I’m sure your wondering what you can grow in this tool, but the truth there isn’t much difference from a traditional garden.

There are many plants that will do wonderfully in such a environment. Many of the compact vegetable varieties like tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and carrots will do very well in these garden beds.

Beyond vegetables you can also try growing herbs such as basil, thyme , lemongrass, rosemary and parsley.

With fruits strawberries , blueberries and many other fruits will do very well in an elevated garden bed.


The possibilities are endless for you , whether you want a simpler method to try or something start off with I believe elevated planter beds are a great tool to use for your gardening.




One thought on “5 Easy & Exciting Ways To Grow Food Using Elevated Planter Beds

  1. Janet Howard says:

    Thank you a million times for remembering those in wheelchairs. My late father spent the last 27 years of his life as a paraplegic. He gardener until the day he died, but not without many falls. I wish he could see your wonderful offering of raised beds. I know he would have mad good use of yor products. Additionally, we would have worried a lot less about this fiercely independent man who lived alone the last 9 years of his life. Thank you.

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