Greenhouse Gardening 101- Growing Vegetables Year-Round

I know what your thinking greenhouse gardening and how to start, that’s the question? There are many reasons why having a greenhouse is an excellent idea and I’ll make sure to touch on all the major points here in this article.

Turning your gardening hobby into more than that, and into something that your passionate about is a worthy pursuit.

What Are The Benefits of Having a Greenhouse

Variety of uses: When you own one of these tools, there are a variety of ways to utilize it. The big one being growing fresh organic vegetables, flowers, bubs, house plants, and exotic plants. You can grow whatever you want, and grow a mixture of things.

All in One: You end up having a designated spot for everything. You don’t need to utilize your garage or shed your greenhouse will have all your tools. You will be able to have your gardening tools, equipment, and accessories.

Gardening year-round: owning a greenhouse you can avoid and ignore all the weather conditions and season changes throughout the year. This means avoiding virtually all weather conditions that would usually hinder your gardening efforts.

I’m talking about excessive rains, extreme temperatures, or long droughts. Deterrents that you will completely avoid giving you the means to go ahead and grow whatever you like.

You control the weather and have an all-season garden all the time.

Plant Protection: Your plants will be protected against rough weather. Plus any serious infestation or season pest that would usually harm your garden ends up no longer being a problem.

Insects such as caterpillars, locust swarms, spider mites, and many more. Your plants will stay healthy and happy all year round.

Saving money: this is a big one too me, while greenhouses can be expensive the impact it can have for you, in the long run, is important. Having the ability to grow as many plants as you want, and building up your resources is very important.

You won’t have to wait for specific seasons because your growing year-round, you end up growing everything you will ever need and then some. You can probably end up giving out some of your excess plants to others.

How to Manage a Greenhouse

When you get started with a greenhouse gardening you want to make sure you choose a location with a lot of sun. Ideally, make sure the greenhouse should be south facing.

While this may not be possible with each homestead layout you want to aim for a sunny location on your property.

The more sunlight your plants receive, the more they’ll thrive. During the colder months, it always helps to keep the greenhouse as warm during the winter season.

You have to remember the biggest difference between gardening outdoors and in the greenhouse is the temperature and humidity. These will be the two major factors you have to pay attention to or your plants won’t thrive year-round.

A greenhouse provides more benefits but I wanted to touch upon the major ones, below will go over some of the best greenhouses on the market at the moment.

What Are The Best Greenhouse Gardening Kits


1. RIGA XL 9 – Exaco

greenhouse kits

The Riga Greenhouse gardening kit is one of the sturdiest on the market, it has been tested against winds up to 100 miles per hour and has never been blown away (when properly anchored to the ground). No eaves aids in shedding snow loads. No other hobby greenhouse kit on the market comes standard with this kind of insulation. The heavy-duty lockable Dutch door offers increased ventilation options while preventing unwanted access to animals and pests.

2. Large Royal Victorian VI 46 in Greenhouse – Exaco

elevate your greenhouse

This classic Victorian Greenhouse gardening kit provides the optimum environment for gardening year-round while adding a stately presence to any backyard setting.

The dark green aluminum framework, tempered glass panels, and full 6′ 7″ wall height combine to give you a comfortable interior workspace and a full view of your surroundings. The overall height is 9’2″ feet.

Whether you are overwintering special or valuable plants from the cold, starting seedlings, or creating a tropical jungle, you can enjoy years of maintenance-free use. The automatic roof openers, louvered window, and misting system are included to allow you to control the environment within your greenhouse to your specific needs. An optional shade net is also available as an added accessory if you need more shade in your greenhouse.

3. RIGA XL 6 – Exaco

how to greenhouse

The RIGA XL Greenhouse gardening kit is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Germany by Hoklartherm, a leading manufacturer of commercial and hobby greenhouses, sunrooms, pavilions, pool covers, home additions, and commercial building, with 28 years experience.With a combination of strong materials and durable hardware, the RIGA XL Greenhouse is an exceptionally strong greenhouse.

The RIGA XL Greenhouse offers more window and door ventilation than other units in its class. This is all happens to be one most popular greenhouse kits on the market and you will find it to be very useful in your gardening experience.

4. Junior Orangerie Greenhouse -Exaco

The Jr Victorians and Jr Orangerie Greenhouse gardening kits are members of the premier greenhouses in the Helios line of greenhouses from Janssens of Belgium. This company has been making high-end glass greenhouses for over 30 years. Since the introduction of the original Victorian model, in 1999, Janssens have become a leading supplier of this style of greenhouse in Europe. Exaco is proud to now be the USA distributor of these very fine greenhouses.

5.Cathedral Victorian Greenhouse with Large Cupola – Exaco

For the truly ambitious!

The attractive looks of the Cathedral Greenhouse gardening kit are matched by the superior strength of pre-welded aluminum framing and 4mm tempered glass construction. This choice of glass provides a high degree of safety and impressive insulative value.

The Cathedral Greenhouse includes four roof vents with automatic openers and a louver window to help keep the interior at a comfortable temperature. Two hanging windows on the sides can also swing up for added ventilation. A set of lockable swinging doors and a single lockable sliding door make entry simple.

The RIGA and Victorian greenhouse kits are very popular greenhouses and are the best on the market. The amount of usage you will get out of these kits is 2nd to none, they are the standard.

To go along with many of our options we also provide different accessories that you can add on to your greenhouse click here.


Hopefully, this will give you a starting point and at least pique your interest in greenhouse gardening. Greenhouse gardening is certainly a big step to take and expensive one but I believe it’s well worth the cost in the long run.

But I understand it’s not for everyone, but for the ones who take on the challenge. I hope you find great success in growing more of your own food for a longer period.

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