A Essential Beginners Guide on How to Improve Your Health and Save Money by Growing Food in Raised Garden Beds

Spring is here and while it could be a more hospitable time, it’s never been a better time to start learning how to grow healthy food from home in raised garden beds. In fact it’s a perfect time to get started, it is the season of new beginnings.

The start of growth, everything just seems to come to life to flower buds, animals waking up, birds chirping and farmers planting. You might as well jump into that mix yourself , you got all the time on your hands to get started. 

Now i know for some people the question is “why should i get started”. Now i can tell you this if you never planted vegetables in a raised garden bed before I promise you, that feeling of planting, growing, maintaining, it’s indescribable. You’ll honestly be spoiled by how easy and beneficial it is , especially compared to growing and tilling your own soil. 

Benefits of Using Raised Garden Beds For a Beginners

It’s easy to get started. I’m not asking you to dig an area out, move rocks, and soil although any outdoor furniture you’ll probably have to move. These are manageable tools that make tidy garden spaces , you don’t have to worry about walking on the garden, or messing up your plants. 

It is important to note that raised Garden beds are great to use in limited spaces. Not all of us have several acres of land to work with in order to grow a vast garden.

Garden beds help with utilizing space and save you tons of money. Also 9 times out of 10 your crops will benefit the most from using raised garden beds. The raised garden bed will keep pests out easier. Raised garden beds provide easy drainage as well, more growing space, less weeds, less soil erosion, and the list goes on. 

Having raised garden beds with easy drainage yields better and more produce, which means more healthy food for you and your family. As your garden yields more food this allows you to put more away for your food storage.

There are a lot of gardening techniques using garden beds. Today I have only touched upon the basics to help get you started with planting that first seed in your new garden bed!

Once you get started you will quickly see the health, financial, and personal satisfaction benefits that come into your life.

4 Best Raised Garden Beds

If you are a newbie to growing food at home for the first time. Here is a shortlist of 4 raised garden beds that we have in stock that are perfect for newbies. All products are made in the USA and each have a 5 year warranty. 

1- Raised Garden Bed Kit 3’X6 Infinite Cedar (View Product Here)

cedar raised garden beds kit full of mineral rich soil ready for planting a garden

Here we got a relatively basic configuration for a raised garden bed. It can be easily assembled in minutes , absolutely no tools required for putting it together.

This particular raised garden bed will last you along time as well, made from cedar and if you know anything about cedar its durable, even when in contact with soil or moisture. Making it really one of the best garden beds to start with if your aiming for durability, the wood also has no chemical treatment applied to it, all natural strength.

Although it may last a long time, depending on the area your in the weather conditions could have some affect on it. But for the most part cedar is one of most commonly used woods for garden beds and this particular one has a 5 year warranty, and is highly recommended to start with.


2-Elevated Garden Bed 34x48x32 – 10″D – Gronomics (View Product Here)

elevated cedar raised garden beds kit with growing plants inside

This garden bed is an elevated one, and is perfect for patios, decks, condos, and apartments. If you don’t have a backyard, this garden bed would be perfect to experiment with. The garden is made from western red cedar wood , which is  is durable and strong. Western red cedar is lightweight but stable and is less likely to crack and warp.

This cedar contains oils that act as preservatives to deter insect attack and decay all the while remaining durable which is what you need. Cedar also stays cool even on warm to hot days, you won’t have to be alarmed about the conditions of what you grow. This product can be assembled in minutes!

So whenever your ready to start growing, place the custom-cut piece of landscape fabric in the bottom of the bed, add soil of your choice, and plant a vegetables, herb, or flowers garden today!


3- 4X8 CEDAR GARDEN RAISED BED – Infinite Cedar (View Product Here)

Large cedar raised garden beds with soil and minerals and bed corners

This raised garden bed is similar to the first raised garden bed. It’s western red cedar and durable. it’s a 1″ thick premium quality deck board combined with strong joint design. It will not break under the weight of wet soil, and will last for years, it’s a strong quality build i would say it’s a build for beginners but also intermediate.

It’s a garden bed that has an expandable design to it so if you wanted to make room for a larger growing area or create new layouts you can. It’s still very easy to put together, won’t take long similar to previous raised garden beds i talked about, and has a total growing area of 32 feet. It’s a highly recommended garden bed to start off with.



elevated reinforced cedar boxed corners perfect for decks and patios

Last raised garden bed that is great choice for beginners is the “Premium Quality Rectangular Planter”. This one is perfect for people who have a deck, live in an apartment and have a patio. It’s also great for people who want to grow herbs, flowers, or even vegetables.

This planter box can also be used as a garden bed and is made of western red cedar which is known not to rot over time. It’s very sturdy and durable, and has a rot free floor also and is insect resistant. It has food grade premium quality and a HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) bottom that will never go bad.

The bottom also has 3 pre-drilled holes for proper drainage which will help you with getting better yields from whatever you plan on growing and avoid mold and spores from developing.


All 4 raised garden beds for beginners provide great value, and are especially perfect for beginners to start using to plant healthy food at home!

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