I don’t do many reviews but the Palram Hybrid Greenhouse deserves it. It’s one of the best investments price-wise. And if you’re looking for a compact, durable, and reliable greenhouse to help accommodate your plants, this should be on your radar.

Of course, there are other means of going about getting a greenhouse there are guides for hundreds of thousands of DIY projects which you’ve probably have seen at some point in time.

You’ve either had a troubling experience putting together one or haven’t started because of the cost. If you’re not that good at building something yourself, which admittedly a lot of people aren’t.

Then buying a greenhouse sounds like a better alternative.

Some providers offer support services in assembling a greenhouse for you, but with the guides that are provided along with the Palram Hybrid Greenhouse putting it together with the family is an awarding experience itself.

The manufacturer provides you with instructions on how to assemble a greenhouse. While these are not written instructions but drawings, thankfully they are easy to understand.

In the guidelines, the installation of the Palram Hybrid Greenhouse may take an average of 5 hours to put together.

Now with that out of the way, let’s get started with the review!

Palram Hybrid Greenhouse Review

Palram Hybrid Greenhouse

The Palram Hybrid Greenhouse is multiple sizes 6×4 – 6×14, with 3 distinct structure colors in green, silver, and gray.

Like most Palram Greenhouse, the greenhouse consists of two types of glazing for balanced light exposure. The panels are made out of Polycarbonate, the most popular greenhouse material.

We talk more about the benefits of polycarbonate in another article if you wish to read more about it here.

This material chosen is mostly because it’s very strong and durable, and a very affordable option.

It also has a built-in gutter, roof vent, lockable handles, galvanized steel base, and an aluminum frame. It’s budget-friendly and offers the most important functionalities needed to be self-sustaining and all at an affordable price.

The panels are UV protected and will not discolor, fracture, or shatter. It will diffuse the sunbeams so theirs no risk of plant burns.

Investing in a Palram Hybrid Greenhouse

Palram Hybrid Greenhouse

Functionality & Versatility

The Palram brand’s versatility and wide range of products is certainly something to be impressed by as they host such a wide range of greenhouses.

Being able to withstand harsh weather and elements. Coming in multiple sizes, they fit in small backyards, on the large property depending on your needs.

What you get in this greenhouse especially is all the best that Palram has to offer, efficiency, durability, and functionality.

These greenhouses boast a walk-in design, that comes with functional air vents and with sturdy panels that help regulate the temperature.

The door is easy to close securely and prevent pets or wildlife from damaging your crops.

A striking feature of this greenhouse is the integrated rain gutters, which dispense the rainwater to the ends of the greenhouse.

So if you wanted to collect rainwater, you can. You can use the water to water plants in your greenhouse.


The greenhouse is made out of polycarbonate panels and an aluminum frame. The specifications specifically for how much it can handle can be seen below.

  • WIND RESISTANCE – 90km/hr | 56ml/hr
  • SNOW LOAD – 75kg/m² | 15.4lbs/ft²

This is a very strong greenhouse, impressive right. It has been reviewed to survive heavy hail storms, strong winds, and heavy rains.

The plants you will eventually grow will thankfully be protected and safe during any winter or summer storms and should last you many years.

One thing you should look out for is snow load during the winter season. As depending on where you live and the amount of snow their is a chance that the weight may compromise the resistance of the frame.

Greenhouse Accessories

The Palram Hybrid greenhouse is frequently bought together with 10 plant changes, very useful for hanging baskets or to attach shade cloths on the inside.

This model of the greenhouse especially is versatile because it provides a vertical growing space.

If you need a shelving unit to invest in I strongly suggest taking a look at The Shelving Store as they host a wide range of shelves that you can utilize for greenhouse gardening. Although it would be nice if that was provided as an accessory.

But other than the shelves they do have an add-on like the auto vent kit that opens automatically when the temperature in your greenhouse rises. there are many other accessories and tools to pear with this greenhouse to make it even more efficient.

Palram Hybrid Greenhouse Price

Natural Palram Hybrid Greenhouse kit (6×8, 6×14)

Palram Hybrid Greenhouse

While comparing this greenhouse with other models of the same size, and other various sizes this was comparably cheap and affordable were talking about prices between $492.45 – $1,099.99. 

Most of the buyers in their reviews mentioned that the greenhouse is worth the money and have been very positive from what I read. Pointing out the durability, the rust-resistant frame, and convenience.


palram hybrid greenhouse

I hope I was able to touch upon a lot of what I’ve seen from the Palram Hybrid Greenhouse. It is a strong, affordable, and reliable greenhouse.

While it is unfortunate that the interior accessories don’t come with shelves, there aren’t many issues to point out given the price.

Its versatility and quality at the price can’t be beaten in my opinion. I believe it undoubtedly, one of the better products on the market even when compared to other Palram Greenhouses.

I hope you found this review helpful and let me know you have purchased this greenhouse along with your honest opinion.

Thank you for reading and have a great thanksgiving!

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