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If you are in the market for a greenhouse then you’ve come across the term: Polycarbonate Greenhouse. But what exactly is that material? Why does it ideal for a greenhouse and what is the best of the best in polycarbonate greenhouses? Read these tips and reviews to help you choose the right greenhouse for your year-round gardening needs.

What is Polycarbonate?

In recent years this material has become the go-to for greenhouses and will likely overtake sales of glass greenhouses in the future. Polycarbonate is actually a pretty common material, in fact you’ve probably used a product made of this thermoplastic in ordinary objects like glasses, auto parts and even DVDs and Blu-Rays. The naturally transparent thermoplastic can transmit light similar to glass but with the bonus of being far stronger and resistant to impact than other types of plastic.

Benefits of a Polycarbonate Greenhouse

  1. Longer Growing Season
    Being able to garden year-round is the main reason you would want to purchase a greenhouse. A longer growing season means a higher yield and, since gardening is for fun and therapy too, lots of relaxing time spent with plants even when the world outside is in the middle of a dreary winter! If you sell your produce then the extended growing season keeps you in business longer and sooner and saves you time and money that would have been spent on artificial lights and other indoor seed starting tools. Seedlings thrive in the greenhouse and allow you to save money on artificial heating and electricity.
  2. Polycarbonate is Better Insulation
    Polycarbonate is popular for a reason, it has been shown to provide better insulation than a traditional glass greenhouse. Plastic in general has better heat retention than glass so keep in mind that you will lose less heat but you will also have a higher temperature in your greenhouse. This higher temperature is a bonus when growing plants through the late winter. Improved heat retention is one of the key factors to consider when choosing a style of greenhouse and polycarbonate is a top performer!
  3. Shatter-resistant Material
    If your greenhouse will be sharing a yard with football-tossing teens or hailstone prone winters then you’ll appreciate the shatter-resistant properties of polycarbonate. Unlike glass, polycarbonate can even receive a hit from a rock without any cracking or breaking.
  4. Durable and Long Lasting
    Purchasing a greenhouse can be a big investment and polycarbonate will return that investment by lasting longer over time than a glass greenhouse. Lightweight, yet durable, polycarbonate is easy to repair yourself and won’t require a lot of skill or attention.
  5. Better Light and Protection
    Believe it or not, polycarbonate actually provides better diffusion of light than standard glass. This allows light to spread more evenly in the greenhouse. The thicker material is a natural ultraviolet filter, protecting your plants from too much exposure to harmful radiation as well.
  6. Quick and Easier Install
    Plastic greenhouses are easier to work with and install then their glass counterpart. Simple assembly without the need of hired-help or special knowledge is a definite pro with polycarbonate greenhouses. Installing a greenhouse of polycarbonate takes a day or two and can be done yourself.
  7. More Affordable
    Finally, a polycarbonate greenhouses can be even more affordable than a glass greenhouse! As this material has become more common and popular the price has gone down and now it is competitively priced for homeowners looking to install their own greenhouse.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Reviews

So what is the best greenhouse out there? Here at Home Grown HQ we offer a selection of Palram Polycarbonate Greenhouses with different features for different gardeners and yards. Read these reviews of the top Polycarbonate greenhouses from Palram.

Review of PRESTIGE 2 Polycarbonate Palram Greenhouse (Twin Wall) kit
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This popular greenhouse setup features the hardy polycarbonate siding with an extra high ceilng for a comfortable working environment. There is plenty of space indoors (product ranges from an 8×8 to a 8×20!) for growing as well as seeding and storing all your garden tools. The large double door on this design makes easier access and the stylish barn shape adds an aesthetic appeal to your dream backyard.


Review of Grand Gardener Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kit – Palram 1
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Don’t be nervous by the size of this gorgeous greenhouse, this kit has a no-tool assembly and is known for it’s simplicity in setting up. The heavy-duty, multi-wall glazing on the polycarbonate walls allows for controlled light exposure and greater insulation during the cold months. This is the perfect greenhouse for the serious gardener with plenty of space for seeding, growing and storing.



Review of Glory Greenhouse kits Series – Palram 1
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This popular greenhouse features a side window as well as roof vents to allow for proper airflow and temperature control. A built-in gutter system will allow you to collect fresh rainwater for your plants. Coming in several sizes, you can find the perfect polycarbonate greenhouse for your backyard needs.



Review of the Amazing Chalet Hobby Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kits 12 x 8 x 9 – Palram
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Our favorite feature of the Chalet greenhouse is the gorgeous design that adds charm and design to your backyard. With 112 sq feet of floor space and over 8 feet of headroom you have enough area for many sizes of plants with room for trellising any tall growing plants or vines. Also featuring the adjustable roof vents and double door opening, the Chalet has all the best features of the Palram greenhouse line.


Review of the Perfect Oriana Greenhouse Polycarbonate Greenhouse- Palram 1
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The Oriana Greenhouse is like no other we offer. This unique light deprivation greenhouse features a single panel polycarbonate roof for optimal light as well as a patented sun blocking curtain system. Serious gardeners use the curtain system to mimic seasonal changes, accelerating plant growth and generating multiple harvests per year! Large but easy to assemble, this greenhouse has a high insulation rate, wind load and snow load capacity.


Review of the Great Palram GREENHOUSE Mythos Durable (6×4, 6×8)
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Perfect for smaller spaces or growing projects, the Mythos greenhouse features polycarbonate panels that are virtually unbreakable and resist impact. The rust-free aluminum structure is built to last and provides protection from harmful UV rays. We love the simple assembly and the toughness of this particular greenhouse.


Review of the Plant Inn – Best Polycarbonate Mini-Palram Greenhouse 1
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The smallest of the greenhouses we offer, the Plant Inn Polycarbonate greenhouse is small but mighty. Made of the same durable materials this greenhouse is ideal for seeding flowers and vegetables in a small backyard or even a balcony. The top lids can fully open on both sides giving easy access for gardening or to leave partially open to allow for ventilation.


Other Palram Greenhouses You Might Also Find Helpful

  1. Snap and Gro 6 ft
    The Snap and Gro Polycarbonate greenhouse is the most popular in the clear glazing greenhouses we offer. The fully transparent plastic provides up to 100% protection from UV rays and will not turn yellow over time. Featuring an aluminum structure with an easy connecting system this greenhouse is an easy assembly. The classic look will provide a beautiful focal point in your yard and comes in various sizes for your needs.
  2. Americana
    This is an extra-large greenhouse for the gardener with the room and the desire to grow a larger garden year-round. The reinforced, non-rusting aluminum structure is in a classic barn shape. The design includes 2 vent windows and double-doors for easy access. Featuring the same built-to-last polycarbonate materials as other Palram greenhouses this one is popular for it’s size and aesthetics.
  3. Lean To
    The Lean To grow house is the perfect solution for a smaller yard or a patio greenhouse. Measuring at only 4×8 feet and with a design that can back up against a fence or house, this greenhouse doesn’t take up too much room. This greenhouse is a great solution for the gardener who wants a simple way to start their plants sooner but without the room for grow lights and elaborate growing shelves indoors/
  4. Octave
    This is a spacious greenhouse with a wide inner-space for extra plants and tools and supplies as well. The ingenious design was created for optimal use of interior space and is perfect for the experienced, serious gardener. With a wind resistance of 56 ml/hr and a snow load capability of 15 lbs., the Octave is tough enough to withstand the winter elements as well. Built-in gutters allow for water collection so you can put rain water to use in your indoor garden as well.

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