3 Wheelbarrows That Make Gardening Effortless

Working in the yard or garden should be effortless, wheelbarrows help with that. Without one will often require a certain amount of supplies, and tools to get anything done.

The trips going back and forth , carrying mulch, plants, or even tools from one area to another can be cumbersome, the opposite of effortless.

The stress adds up quickly , and often times can be a bit too much to handle, it’s great exercise don’t get me wrong but making multiple trips can really slow you down, slow you down to the point that it affects your efficiency completely! Task that you set out for the day end up not getting done, because you’re focused on so many other things, that you can’t concentrate on just one thing at a time.

That’s where owning a gardening cart can be of real help too you, from moving supplies to moving materials especially heavy portions of both that’s where a wheelbarrow comes in handy.

A good or even a great wheelbarrow is priceless , makes work effortless, it might as well be worth it’s weight in gold to a gardener it is hard to look at a wheelbarrow and think it’s unnecessary. A wheelbarrow can help you transport tools such as hoes, rakes, dirt, and water to one area to the next.

Consider a Wheelbarrow Protect your health

Gardening injuries are very common, it’s part of the reason why you should buy a wheelbarrow. Bags of dirt, mulch buckets of water, or even moving hay are very heavy.

If you have a large garden the last thing you want to do is carry these loads one at a time from your car or truck to your backyard. The possibility of injury is very high , that’s not to say you can’t get injured using a wheelbarrow, i mean your still hauling a ton of materials and tools back and forth.

With an average wheelbarrow you may flip all that equipment over because the wheelbarrow might not be well equipped to handle that weight. But a wheelbarrow is still better than nothing, and you should keep this in mind when you obtain one.

  • Alway aim to move smaller loads at once
  • Bend at the knees and use your back when lifting your wheelbarrow
  • Keep your back straight when pushing a wheel barrow
  • Go slowly, or you may turn your wheelbarrow over
  • If your wheelbarrow starts to lean, sometimes it’s best to let it go, rather than risk back injury trying to save it.

I believe the best wheelbarrow has to be sturdy yet strong, durable, lightweight and multipurpose. That’s not to say an average wheelbarrow can’t make due in the short term but it would be better to have one that’s multi purposeful and designed specifically for outdoor yard and gardening tasks. Task that go beyond just hauling materials.

The Smart Carts wheelbarrow is just that, these wheel barrows are here to help you when and where you need it! Help make the process effortless for you.

3 Of The Most Effortless Products For Gardening

1. Smart Carts Ultimate Gardener – Infinite Cedar

best effortless wheelbarrow

  • High Density Polyethylene Construction: Will Not Rot, Warp or Split
  • All Aluminum Contractor Grade Frame: Will Not Rust
  • Get the Work Done Faster: 450 pound and 7 cu ft of Capacity
  • Save Your Back: Perfectly Balanced, Strong and Lightweight
  • Will Outlast Any Other Cart of Similar Design: 5 year Warranty. Made in USA

2. Residential Grade Smarts Carts LX Utility Cart – Infinite Cedar

wheelbarrow for gardening

  • ​Poly Pan: 46″L x 27″W x 14″H
  • Length Overall: 56″
  • Maximum Width: 32″
  • Maximum Height: 28″
  • Recommended Load Capacity: 400 Lbs. (20″ Spoke Wheels); 600 Lbs. (16″ Turf Wheels)
  • Weight Empty: 35 Lbs. (20″ Spoke Wheels); 39 Lbs. (16″ Turf Wheels)

3. The Smart Water Cart – Infinite Cedar

multipurpose wheelbarrow

•Move 20 Gallons with a Smile
•All-In-One  Gravity Based System
•No Need for a Pump or Complex System
•Can be Used as a Rain Barrel, Log Carrier and more!

Multi-purpose Cart:  No-Tool Removable Lid and Drum.

Why Own a Smart Cart?

The Smart Cart  isn’t your average wheelbarrow, in fact it should be the standard. The difference lies in the title and it’s overall design. These wheelbarrows are multifunctional carts , that are compatible with conversion kits for additional use around your yard, more importantly your garden.

Not only can you use these wheelbarrows as a traditional cart to help move materials, but each design is an all-in-one tool, that you may find you can’t live without.

These highly versatile products are built for lifting and moving almost anything that you will need for you garden. You need to move landscaping rocks, or plants , potted plants, hay something needs to be shifted?

No problem. What about clearing your driveways of snow , don’t worry Smart Carts has you covered. More importantly going back and forth between the garden and your truck or the garage hauling supplies, becomes a non issue with these carts.

Every Smart Carts product is manufactured in the USA using only long lasting top quality components and materials. These carts are also not made of wooden panels, it will not rot, warp or split like all smart cart products built to last. More importantly get your work done quick because these carts can take as much as you can give it, the only thing outlasting this product is another smart cart product.


The Smart Carts is something you should heavily consider when doing your yard work or garden work. I could have gone in more depth but you won’t truly understand the functionality until you get your hands on this product.

This product is versatile, innovative, and effortless , you need such a tool to have around on your property. I’m sure there are many people who have so many tools that they utilize, but they go back and forth having to get a different set of tools just creates chaos.

Why make gardening harder than it needs to be? It’s a chore having to haul large amounts of dirt, equipment etc. Just think what this one investment in a gardening cart would do for you.

I believe it’s worth investing in, i believe these tools elevates and makes things easier for you. I’m hoping whomever reads this, imagines how they can utilize each of these tools in their daily life. I’m sure what you picture is a more efficient and happy gardener.





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